Investment portfolio​

protefolje.jpgPreben Damgaard is, both privately and through Damgaard Company, very experienced with development, sales, distribution and internationalization of products and services.
He has been working with these areas – primarily in the IT industry - since 1983.
Damgaard Company’s investment portfolio features companies that combine proven business models, industry-leading technology or knowledge with the ambition to expand geographically or into new business areas.
Damgaard operates nationally and internationally and only invests in companies that live up to the Damgaard values and investment principles​.
The Damgaard investment portfolio includes:

dixa is an all-in-one cloud-based customer service platform.
Our goal is simply to deliver a platform that is of as much benefit to the customer as to the business. Right now, with the current expectations of consumers and customers, that means a channel neutral platform without the complicated user interfaces, channel silos, expensive service contracts and on-premise hardware that harms and limits customer service everywhere today.


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  EXIT 2017  
Plenti is a Danish based mobile company.
Plentis mission is to give the Danes cheap access to lots of content and remove constraints and concerns about their mobile bill.
TDC  aquires Plenti

TDC køber Plenti (Berlingske Business - Danish)
History and facts about the exit:

Too Good To Go is a hyper-local environmental social enterprise dedicated to reducing food waste.
Their mission is to place the lost value back onto food as something that should be eaten and not thrown away. Through the TGTG app they are raising awareness of food waste by making surplus restaurant food available for collection before a restaurant closes its breakfast, lunch or dinner service.


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OrderYOYO helps restaurants and takeaways increase their revenue and earnings. OrderYOYO offers a unique online order system, which includes an app for iOS and Android, a web order platform and a printer terminal.
OrderYOYO facilitates direct communication between a restaurant and its customers about things like offers and new menus through mobile apps and web services.


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Configit was founded by Henrik Reif Andersen and Henrik Hulgaard in 2000. It employs – as has been the case since the beginning - a staff of academically strong software developers and software engineers.
Configit’s products are based on the patented Virtual Tabulation technology. Virtual Tabulation has redefined the possibilities for complexity and speed when it comes to configurations. It makes it possible for
Configit to develop software that is ideal for managing and exploiting complex product configurations in a way that is both powerful and easy to manage.


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Bilagscan automatically reads all relevant information from attachments or receipts regardless of format with 100% correctness and sends it via an API interface to the ERP system.
Our vision is to be able to post a physical document 10 times cheaper than it can be done by manual input and traditional workflows.


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Templafy is a Danish technology company, which helps large companies and organisations overcome ’document anarchy’. Templafy offers a solution that enables the individual company / organisation to control and manage templates and document content across different office platforms and devices.  Through
Templafy’s solution, a company’s templates, documents, slides, images and other kinds of document content become easily accessible to the staff – always in accordance with the company’s document guidelines and rules and dynamically adapted to the individual employee.
Templafy’s ambition is to become the world’s leading Template Management solution within three years. 
Templafy gets giant capital injection​ (Berlingske Business - Danish)

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  EXIT 2015  
Endomondo was founded by three athletes in 2007. Their mission statement was to make exercise more fun. Today (January 2015), their popular app, the Endomondo Sports Tracker, has more than 24 million users, spread across 200 countries. The app works as having a personal trainer in your pocket. A user just has to open it and press start when going for a walk, a run, cycling or other kinds of distance-based exercise.
The app registers distance covered, time, calories burned and other kinds of data. It also offers voice messages regarding your current tempo while exercising, and your friends can send small messages of encouragement, which are read aloud, while you are exercising.

History and facts about the exit:

Skolebordet.dk is a Danish-owned company offering a platform, which enables efficient knowledge sharing, cooperation and production of documents for teachers and students in various educational institutions. Skolebordet.dk is aimed at elementary schools, gymnasiums, business colleges, private schools and independent schools, as well as all other kinds of educational institutions.
Skolebordet.dk is intuitive, user friendly and can be accessed by PC, tablet computers and smart phones. It enables the implementation of a ’Bring Your Own Device’ strategy for Danish educational institutions.
Skolebordet.dk is built on a foundation of Microsoft technologies that are all based in the cloud. They include Office365, Sharepoint Online, Lync and SkyDrivePro. Skolebordet.dk has integrated unique workflows, such as the handing in of assignments, chat functions, time tables and sharing of daily work and tasks. Skolebordet can be used to support individual classes, as well as for longer educational arrangements and interdisciplinary projects.
Skolebordet.dk has signed agreements with a number of Danish councils and educational institutions to function as their preferred platform for ’the school of the future’.


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The Closet is your local fashion store in Holte, Denmark.

The shop offers fashionable clothing in exquisite quality at good prices. It caters to the needs of women and girls of virtually all ages who want to mix dressing smart with a raw and elegant edge.

Charlotte Damgaard runs the shop. She has an impressive CV that includes working with HeartMade Julie Fagerholt. Charlotte’s explicit goal is to make Holte more interesting in regards to fashion.

It is the perfect one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to dress smart or looking for a unique gift.


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  EXIT 2015  
Secunia was founded in 2002. The company is a leading supplier of IT security solutions for companies, organisations and private individuals across the entire world. Secunia’s products enable users to manage and control the threats that arise from software vulnerabilities.
Through its award-winning solutions, Secunia provides protection against software vulnerabilities in areas such as Vulnerability Intelligence, Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management.
Secunia plays an important role in the IT security ecosystem. It is the preferred supplier for companies, organizations and government agencies worldwide, and counts several Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies among its clients.

History and facts about the exit:

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  EXIT 2015  
Omni Fondsmæglerselskab A/S was founded in 2008 by Anders Rømert and Jacob Bro Eriksen. Both have more than 25 years’ experience with asset management and investment banking.
The company is one of the few truly independent advisers within the asset management and investment banking. Consulting and advice are based on the investor's overall portfolio of assets. This forms the basis for a determination how to allocate funds between stocks and bonds. On behalf of customers,
Omni Fondsmæglerselskab A/S makes direct investments in government and mortgage bonds, while investments in global equities, corporate bonds, emerging market bonds and alternatives are made through managed investment products, typically investment funds. As perhaps the only asset manager in Denmark, the company puts itself through an annual audit certification process that certifies that it makes no kind of direct or indirect revenue apart from those invoiced to its customers. This means that any kind of commission goes straight to the company's customers.
Omni Fondsmæglerselskab A/S has since its founding – at a turbulent time for global finances - delivered substantial returns with low volatility. Returns are ensured through the careful selection of talented wealth managers, low turnover speed, low management costs and the return of commissions to the company’s customers.

History and facts about the exit:

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  EXIT 2014  
Axcess A/S was established as an IT consultancy in 2000. Today, Axcess delivers network and communication solutions ranging from hardware and software to advice and support, for both public and private clients.
Axcess has specialised in delivering services within the following areas: Network & Security, Collaboration & Video, Virtualization & Data Centres, Operations & Services, Consulting and Project Management.
Most companies will know that IT is a very complex area. It often consists of a variety of systems and platforms that are essential for daily operations. Axcess is a specialist in relation to system integration and prides itself on taking a holistic approach to optimising a give company or organisation’s IT-solutions.
Atea buys Axcess (Berlingske Business - Danish)
Nordens it- gigant sluger opkomlingNordens it- gigant sluger opkomlingNordic IT giant gobbles up challenger (Børsen - Danish)
Axcess has more than 130 employees, based in its offices in Søborg and Aarhus in Denmark.
In September 2012, Axcess won first place in the ”Network integrators” at Computerworld’s Top 100 awards ceremony.
History and facts about the exit:

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  EXIT 2018  
Wealth Management is an independent investment company. Its business model is founded on having shared interests with its customers. Wealth Management is independent and does not have economic relations with other financial institutions. This enables it to make wholly independent decisions in regards to investments to make. Wealth Management has a transparent fee structure, which has a direct correlation between the success of the company and its customers’ returns.
Wealth Management has eight highly specialized employees, whose expertise lies at the core of its services. It provides discretionary portfolio management services to an exclusive group of customers with a sizeable liquid investment capital.
Wealth Management was established in 2006. From the beginning, it had a group of customers with considerable wealth. Since then the business has grown considerably.
The common denominator for the company's customers is a desire to leave the daily monitoring and management of their portfolios and the financial markets to Wealth Management as their trusted portfolio manager. 
Wealth Management is a very well consolidated financial company with solid capital. It is authorized and regulated by the Danish FSA.
History and facts about the exit:

  EXIT 2008  

Responsfabrikken is a digital factory that designs and develops solutions for the most popular digital platforms– web, mobile, tablets and social media.

Responsfabrikken develops communication and response strategies for a wide range of companies within Retail, FMCG, telecommunications, finance and media.

Responsfabrikken has subsidiaries in Norway, Brazil and Mexico.

Warnøe, Damgaard and Balser sell out (ComputerWorld - Danish)  

History and facts about the exit:

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ProActive Freelancer is a subsidiary of the ProActive group. It was founded in 2011.
The company focuses on offering consultants with specific skill sets that match a clients’ specific project. The company makes use of the ProActive group’s competences and skills to ensure that the right consultant is matched with the right project.


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ProActive A/S is an IT consultancy company founded in 1997. Today, it employs more than 110 people in offices in the Danish cities of København, Odense and Aarhus.

ProActive is a strategic partner that takes responsibility for creating key business benefits through the use of Microsoft technology. The company helps its customers by advising and delivering business-critical IT solutions that help change and streamline their business processes.
ProActive's customers include some of the largest and most innovative Danish companies and organizations such as the Danish Military, Novo Nordisk. A. P. Moeller-Maersk, Lundbeck, Coloplast, ISS and DONG Energy.
ProActive solutions match the latest Microsoft technology platforms, with a special focus on SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, Microsoft Phone and Microsoft CRM. ProActive has been awarded with more than 10 different ‘Partner of the Year’ awards by Microsoft over the past 5 years. It is also a Microsoft Gold Partner in a number of areas.
In 2017 ProActive are celebrating their 20 years anniversary and at the same time reaching 200 employees. During the 20 years, the company achieved 18 Microsoft Partner awards and three times Microsoft Partner of the Year. Get an overview from this video (in Danish): ProActive 20 years


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  EXIT 2002
Microsoft Corporation buys Navision for $1.6 billion – about 11 billion Danish Kroner.
At the time of the acquisition, it was Microsoft Corporation’s largest to date.
After the deal, Preben Damgaard assumed responsibility for Microsoft Business Solutions’ activities in the EMEA region.

The acquisition took place just two years after Denmark’s two biggest ERP-companies, Damgaard A/S and Navision Software had merged and created a powerful force in the international ERP market.Navision
Microsoft buys Navision  (Computerworld - Danish)
Navision sold for 11 billion Danish Kroner​ (Computerworld - Danish)
Navision solgt for 11 milliarder kroner



Damgaard A/S is introduced on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen). The company’s stocks are oversubscribed sixteen times over.
Damgaard baner vej for nye IT-aktier
The witching hour for Damgaard (Børsen - Danish)

Ulvetid for Damgaard