Strategic partnerships

1281812bu642_bw.jpgStrategic partnerships are essential for Damgaard Company’s continued positive development and access to key competencies, industry networks and attractive investment opportunities in its core business areas. Damgaard Company has entered into strategic partnerships in areas such as asset management, innovation and technology. The company’s strategy for strategic partnerships is to enter into them in areas that are outside of management's usual knowledge areas and/or professional areas of expertise, or which would require a larger organization.

A Damgaard Company strategic business partner should have a high trust factor, show loyalty, business sense and professional skills that reflect the profile and level of competence and drive that defines the people around Damgaard Company.
These requirements, along with mutual expectations of good cooperation and synergies for both parties, add up to the profile that Damgaard Company believes makes a company unique and uniquely suited to be a business partner.

Strategic business partners

Asset Management
Since 2006, Wealth Management Asset has been the primary investment manager for Damgaard Company. The parties have a discretionary management agreement. The agreement stipulates that decisions in relation to portfolio management are made by Wealth Management in accordance with an investment risk framework established by Damgaard Company and Wealth Management Asset Management.

Innovation and technology
Within the fields of innovation and technology, Damgaard Company has a close strategic cooperation with SEED Capital, the largest Danish venture fund company that focuses on early stage development. Through personal involvement in cooperation with SEED Capital, Preben Damgaard and Damgaard Company gains knowledge of and access to attractive investment opportunities in the Danish and Swedish companies. The opportunities are in areas like IT and technology. Involvement and investment in early stage companies contribute to constantly update Damgaard Company's insight into what is happening with regards to new technologies, opportunities and business strategies.

Wealth Management is an independent investment company. Its business model is founded on having shared interests with its customers. Wealth Management ​is independent and does not have economic relations with other financial institutions. This enables it to make wholly independent decisions in regards to investments to make. Wealth Management has a transparent fee structure, which has a direct correlation between the success of the company and its customers’ returns.
Wealth Management has eight highly specialized employees, whose expertise lies at the core of its services. It provides discretionary portfolio management services to an exclusive group of customers with a sizeable liquid investment capital.

Wealth Management was established in 2006. From the beginning, it had a group of customers with considerable wealth. Since then the business has grown considerably.
The common denominator for the company's customers is a desire to leave the daily monitoring and management of their portfolios and the financial markets to Wealth Management as their trusted portfolio manager.

Wealth Management is a very well consolidated financial company with solid capital. It is authorized and regulated by the Danish FSA.


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SEED Capital is the biggest venture fund for early stage companies in Denmark. The company invests in early stage companies from Denmark and Southern Sweden. The companies are generally found in the IT, Cleantech or Life Sciences sectors. SEED Capital invests in what can be referred to as ’classic venture companies’.
Classic venture companies are defined as those who have potential to generate a return of ten times the initial investment. The companies must have an innovative solution / product and a solid business plan. This should cover how to create penetration in attractive markets and a number of possible exits for investors.
Thanks to SEED Capital’s strong partnership with the state-financed growth company DTU Symbion Innovation, the company is capable of investing €250,000 – €750,000 € in a company’s upstart phase. This creates the foundation that allows a company to deliver proof of concept on their technology / solution and their business plan.
SEED Capital can, depending on capital needs, invest up to €9 million during the following phases of the company’s development. The preferred strategy is to do this as part of a syndication with large, international investors. We assume an advisory role as investors and will usually also assume the role as chairman of the board, until a competent alternative is found.

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