Preben Damgaard, CEO
Preben is the founder of Damgaard Company. Since 2003, he has focused on business development and been actively involved in both listed and unlisted companies.
In recent years, Preben Damgaard has, through his active involvements in successful Danish companies, represented the sellers of companies including Endomondo, Axcess, Secunia, Cirque.



Lars Romedahl, CFO
Lars is responsible for the corporate economy of the entire Damgaard conglomerate and is part of the daily management group of Damgaard Company.
His assignments include structuring and developing investments in portfolio companies, as well as all other investments within the Group, particularly hedging.
Lars was hired in 2007 and has a background in auditing and accounting.



Peter Hansen, Financial Manager
Peter is responsible for the Group's accounting, as well as financial tasks related to daily operations, including dialogue with group suppliers. As Financial Manager, Peter has a wide range of professional skills and responsibilities, and is a key person in relation to financial tasks and business controlling.
With a background as an auditor at Beierholm, Peter plays a natural and central role in the preparation of the Group's annual reports.



Pia Madeleine Edenhög
Pia performs a wide range of administrative tasks across the group of companies, and currently has a temporary role in The Closet, where she is responsible for dispatching and other ad hoc tasks.
Pia was originally trained as a stewardess in SAS where she worked until she had children 20 years ago. She has since lived in various parts of the world with her family.
Pia also has a degree from Danmarks Designskole (The Danish School of Design) and has for years’ pursued her great interest in interior design, through several agencies, especially within ceramics.


Olivia Damgaard, Executive Assistant
Olivia produces project plans and, with reference to the finance function, assists Olivia with communications, preparation of business plans, development of existing business plans and other administrative tasks.


Ann Jürgensen, Back Office Assistant
Ann is employed as an administrative service employee in Damgaard Company.


Charlotte Damgaard, Owner
Owner and general manager of The Closet, focusing on procurement. 


Kessie Demirbas, Manager
Kessie has been manager of The Closet since February 1st 2015. She has been in the clothing industry since a young age, and loves the industry. She excels as providing good customer service, styling of the store and customer relation. She has an eye for detail and is always happy and positive. At the moment, Kessie is on maternity leave with her son Sayn​.


Jonas Hansen, Business Development
As a serial entrepreneur Jonas has several times participated in successful start-up’s. Jonas has special assignment in our portfolio companies responsible of growing and expanding selected companies.


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