Damgaard Company

damgaard_company_hq.jpgDamgaard Company is a Danish-owned investment company which, for more than 30 years, has been investing in the development of small and medium-sized knowledge-based companies.

Damgaard Company primarily invest in companies possessing untapped potential for further commercial development and growth - preferably internationally.​.

Today, Damgaard Company is an investor in, and a co-owner of a number of, a number of well-established growth companies, and a selected, few start-up companies. The company also has an established portfolio of passive investments, which is managed by external asset managers.

Damgaard Company actively participates in the development of its portfolio companies ​and invests both capital and management resources in realizing the companies’ potential for further growth and profit. Investments are exclusively made in companies that meet Damgaard’s values and investment principles, which includes that they must have a proven, robust and scalable business model.


Preben Damgaard invests millions in Plenti

"I have invested a significant, double-digit million amount in Plenti, because I think Plenti is an exciting company. I am very impressed with how well-run they are and how they have developed in a very short time. Plenti are in Denmark and Denmark only, but must play an even more important role in the telecommunications market. Further growth in such a competitive market requires money, and I believe these money are well spent."

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